AMWPA 1st Quarterly Meeting 2019 held at Dr. Shehla Naz’s residence. It was a well attended and productive event. The meeting was moderated by Dr. Samreen Raza (Cardiologist and AMWPA Secretary).

Dr. Rehana Kausar started the program with Recitation from the Holy Quran

Dr. Seema Haq (Endocrinologist and AMPWA President) welcomed everyone. Dr. Seema presented a PowerPoint presentation on AMWPA Goals and Vision.CPR programs were presented to the guests and information on the AED donated at different masjids of DFW Metroplex.

AMWPA Program surveys were given to all guests and were discussed at the meeting by Dr.Seema Haq and Dr. Samreen Raza. A lot of good ideas were exchanged on how to improve the meetings for the future. Guests shared the topics, goals and priorities expected to be discussed at future meetings. Guests’ recommendations were well note. The following were the questions of the Survey.

1. Are you a Member of AMWPA? Would you like to become a member today?
2. How likely are you to renew your AMWPA membership?
3. How likely are you to recommend AMWPA meetings to your colleague/s?
4. Did AMWPA as an organization help you in
     a) Your practice b) Patient Referral c) Networking
5. Please reflect on today’s meeting, what you liked the best?
6. Please reflect on today’s meeting, what could be improved for the future?
7. Please reflect on AMWPA’s future meeting plans, what should be our top three topics/goals/priorities?
8. Please reflect on AMWPA meeting accessibility with respect to day, time, and location?
9. Overall were you satisfied attending today’s meeting?
10. Are you interested in hosting AMWPA quarterly / regional meetings at your house?
11. Are you interested in participating in AMWPA committees
     a) Health Fair b) Membership c) Public relation committee

Dr Raheela Sadiq suggested creating a Public Relation Committee which will help orient the Members/Doctors new to the area. All agreed to the idea.
Dr Shahan Chowdhury gave idea of retreat for AMWPA Members
Dr Imrana Khalid gave membership update and emphasized on memberships renewals for 2019.
Thanks to Dr Shehla Naz for helping AMWPA host the event. Thanks everyone for coming and supporting the organization. Together we can achieve a lot.

Total Attendees: 45



Amal Nour El Din, DDS
Farhana Amir, MD
Hanan Fahmy, MD
Hina Khan, MD
Hodan Rabile, DDS
Imrana Khalid, MD
Kiran Siddiqui, MD
Kanwal Haider, MD
Mariam Saleem, MD
Mamoona Shaikh, MD
Naveen Haq, MD
Nadia Imran, MBBS
Nosheen Shah, MD
Omaira Azizad, MD
Rani Siddiqi, MD
Raheela Sadiq, MD
Rehana Kausar, MD
Saima Zafar, MD
Saima Muhammad, MD
Samreen Raza, MD
Seema Ghaffar, MD
Sofia Viqar, DDS
Seema Haq, MD
Seema Haque, MD
Shahan Chowdhury, MD
Shehla Naz, MD
Talat Kheshgi, MD
Uzma Jaffery, MD
Zafreen Siddiqui, MD

Allied Health:

Azadeh Tavakolian, RN, BSN
Zehra Asif, RN
Seema Qureshi, OT
Ruba Abu-Ghoush, RN, NP
Melinda Vega, RN
Huda Muhammed, Dietetics
Helah Hassan, NP
Noreen Buttee

Med/ Pre Med/ Students:

Madeeha Javed, Med Student
Fatima Khan, Med Student
Rana Yazdani, Med Student
Zoya Shah, Med Student
Naureen Wajahat, Pre Med
Khawla Aldamari,Pre Med
Dana Khhattab, Pre Med
Amna Shah, High School