2nd Quarterly Meeting
Dr. Talat Kheshgi’s Residence
Sunday, August 2nd, 2015


Registration 72 Adults and 3 girls

Reception from 11:30 AM -12:40PM

AMWPA Pens and Magnets given at Registration.

1: Program started by Dr.Seema haq by welcoming everyone.

2: Quran recitation by 8 years old Hafiza Yasmin Hassan from Sura 2, Ayat 261-267 with translation by Dr Amena Jameeluddin.

3: Dr. Imrana Khalid President of AMWPA EC presented update on AMWPA programs and importance of joining the organization to empower women in promoting health and wellness of the community and mentoring of college and medical students.

4. Dr. Hina Mahmud presented a report on Ramadan Donation 2015.

Ramadan Fund Collection

Total Donation Collected                        $17,485
Donation made to the following
Donation to North Texas Food Bank                       $6400
Donation to Tarrant County Food Bank                  $2000                       
Donation for Iftar/UT Southwestern                        $1790
Defibrillator AED donated to Richardson Masjid    $1100
Donation to AMWPA Merit Awards                        $4500
Future health fairs                                                     $1695
5: Dr. Saba Razi-Syed Chairperson of Scholarship Committee announced 2015 AMWPA Merit Award for the following based on their grades and essays.
  1: Fatima Syed, Med Student – $ 1000 AMWPA Noor Jahan Memorial Award.
  2: Lina Smaine, Med Student – $ 1000
  3: Anum Wazir, Pre-Med   –      $ 500 Admitted this year to Medical school
  4: Saba Tareen, Pre-Dental –      $ 500
  5: Tanawush Chaudhary, Pre-Med – $ 500 Admitted to Dental school in San Antonio, Texas.
Saba Tareen, Pre-Med student was present to receive the AMWPA Merit award, rest of the checks will be mailed to the students.
Shameema Karjeker, MD,JD presented short a summary of all the candidates which were very impressive.
6: Dr. Imrana Khalid gave a plaque for Community service to Naseem Illyas, NP for her work with AMWPA since 2008 in helping with health fairs and education lectures.
7: Dr. Seema Haq emphasized the importance of becoming a member of this organization and also to pay yearly membership which is due every January. She also stated that the memberships dues are important by which we do are health and education programs.
8: Introduction by all Attendees.
9: Lunch was served at 1:15 PM
Guests List:
Aasia Ghazi, Allergist
Aasia Janua,IM
Adila Siddiqui
Amanda Ahmed, Speech Therapist
Ameena Hassan,NP
Amena Jameeluddin,DDS
Amna Iftikhar,FP
Asifa Ahmed
Asma Aftab,FP
Ayesha k Ali, FNP
Ayesha Rahman,RN
Dahlia Ferlina, RN
Effat Jehan FP
Farah Shah,IM
Fareha Kazi Nephrologist
Hana Waheed  Student
Hania Alaidroos FP
Hina Mahmud,IM
Hina Tareen, Student
Hodan Rabile,DDS
Huma Muzaffar FP
Humera Chowdury, PHYS
Humiaira Shahid, Journalist
Imrana Khalid, Pathology
Indira Jusic,DDS
Jedy Ferlina,Student
Julia Chowdhury,OB/GYN
Khalida Yasmin, FP
Lubna Kamal,PED
Maria Saber,DDS
Maria Siddiqui,Student
Maria Viqar, Cardiologist/electrophysiologist
Maryam Aziz, Student
Mashal Khalid,Student
Mehreen Khan,MBBS
Mona Ahmed,MBBS
Naja Chisty,Med student
Naseem Illyas,NP
Nawal Shah DDS
Nazia Iram,Research
Nida Rasheed, FP
Noreen Butte MBBS
Palwasha Khan,FP
Qaiser Riaz MBBS
Rabia Khan,Neuro
Rafia Aftab,FP
Rasha Chabayta,Student
Rehana Kausar,Anes
Rommana Aziz FP
Reshma Khan, RN
Saba Razi-Syed  Psychiatry
Saba Tareen,  Med   Student
Sabeen Riaz,Psychiatry
Sabina Amin,IM
Sadia Salim  Pathologist
Sadia Tareen, Dietitian
Sana Khalid,Student Medical student
Sarah Imtiaz FP
Sarwat Afghani PA
Seema Haq,Endocrinologist
Seema Kazi,Psychiatry
Shahbana Ahmed, RN
Shahida Khan MBBS
Shahmema Karjekar, ANES
Shehla Naz FP
Shilah Naem, Student
Talat Kheshgi, Rhuem
Uzma Ulfat
Yasmin Khan, ob/gyn
Zarmina Aman, Ob/Gyn