Total Attendees: 65

  • Prayers were recited by Dr Mariam Saleem
  • Dr Seema Haq, Vice-President EC, welcomed all guests and introduced the host Dr Seema Ghaffar to all.
  • Dr Rehana Kausar, President Board of Directors gave a brief power point presentation on Fundraiser. Thanked all the donors for their generous contributions.
  • Dr Lubna Kamal, Chairperson Fundraising committee and a Board member briefed all on the fundraiser collection and number of attendees.
  • AMWPA Merit Awards were announced by Dr Tasneem Ahmed, Chairperson AMWPA Award Committee and Dr Nilofar Syed, Co-chair Award committee
  • Only 2 students were present to collect their awards. All other awards will be given later to the students in metroplex area and mailed to who are out of town.

    3 Medical Awards $1000 each were given to

    Rana Yazdani, 4th year Med Student UT South western medical School, Dallas
    Vusala Snyder, 4th year Med Student, University of Kansas School of medicine
    Nadia Ahmed, Ist year Med Student UNTHSC/Texas College of Osteopathic medicine.

    2 Pre Med Awards $500 each were given to:

    Yosra Nadhimi, 4th year, Pre Med Student of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Afra Fathima, 3rd year, Pre Med Student, UT Dallas was present to collect her award.

    1 Dental Award for $1000 was given to

    Lana Khazma, 3rd year Dental Student, Texas A&M College of Dentistry, Dallas Texas

    2 Mohammad Khalid’s Memorial Award $750 each were given to

    Esraa Almasri, 1st year Nursing Student from Texas Woman’s University, Denton Texas
    Annesti Elmasri, 2nd Pharmacy Student from University of Illinois at Chicago.

    1 Kheshgi Sadiq Educational Award for $1000 was given to:

    Fatima Rahlouni, 1st Med Student from UNTHSC/Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine was present to collect her award.

    • Dr Imrana Khalid, Chairperson Nomination/Election Committee announced the results for elections 2019-2020

    Seema Haq,MD will be the AMWPA President Executive Committee
    Maria Viqar,MD will be the AMWPA Vice President Executive Committee
    Samreen Raza,MD will be the AMWPA Secretary Executive Committee
    Sabeen Riaz,MD will be the AMWPA Treasurer Executive Committee

    • Welcome Speeches were given by the elected EC Officers
    • Farewell speeches were given by outgoing Secretary AMWPA Dr Farhat Shaikh, Treasurer Dr Maria Viqar and Vice President Dr Seema Haq
    • Plaque was given by Dr Imrana Khalid and Dr. Rehana Kausar to Raheela Ashfaq, MD Past Chairperson Nomination/Election Committee,2012-2016
    • Plaques were given by Dr. Raheela Ashfaq and Dr. Amena Jameeluddin to the following:

    OutGoing Executive Committee Members.

    1) Talat Kheshgi, MD President 2016-2018
    2) Farhat Shaikh, MD Secretary, 2016-2018
    3) Lubna Kamal, MD as Chairperson of Fundraising Committee 2018.
    4) Zarin Kidwai, MD as Co-Chair Fundraising Committee 2018.

    • Dr Rehana Kausar took Oath of the New Executive Committee Elected Officers.
    • Dr Palwasha Khan, Chairperson Membership Committee requested all to renew their memberships for year 2019
    • Introduction of guests
    • Lunch served at 1:45pm



    Amena Jameeluddin,DDS
    Annie Jafry,MD
    Aasma Khandekar,MD
    Farah Shah,MD
    Fahmida Rehmatullah,MD
    Farhat Shaikh,MD
    Fehmida Zahabi,MD
    Humera Chowdhary,MD
    Huma Naz,MD
    Humaira Azeem,MD
    Imrana Khalid,MD
    Kanwal Haider,MD
    Lubna Kamal,MD
    Mariam Saleem,MD
    Mariam Razi,MD
    Maria Viqar,MD
    Naseem Jagani,MD
    Naveen Hussain,MD
    Nilofer Syed,MD
    Nuzhat Ahmed,MD
    Omaira Azizad,MD
    Palwasha Khan,MD
    Rehana Kausar,MD
    Rani Siddiqi,MD
    Raheela Ashfaq,MD
    Sabeen Riaz,MD
    Shumaila Zuberi,MD
    Samreen Raza,MD
    Samina Zaki,MD
    Sanober Amin,MD
    Sanober Kable,MD
    Seema Ghaffar,MD
    Seema Haq,MD
    Seema Haque,MD
    Shahan Chowdhury,MD
    Shazia Khan,DDS
    Shehla Naz,MD
    Sobia Yaqub,MD
    Sofia Viqar,MD
    Sofia Ansari,MD
    Sumbul Islam,MD
    Tasneem Ahmed,MD
    Zarin Kidwai,MD

    Allied Health:

    Shazia Anwar, Allied
    Sarah Tabani,Allied
    Seema Qureshi,Allied
    Ruba abu Ghoush,RN
    Sarwat Afghani,PA
    Farhana Saeed,RN
    Jian Duly,RN


    Fatima Rahlouni, Med student
    Naureen Wajahat, Pre Med
    Zaina Saraj,Pre Med
    Hibaa Thayyil, Pre Med
    Afrah Fathima,Pre Med
    Xena Duly,High School

    Friends of AMWPA:

    Sajida Ahmed, President
    Amber Sheikh,Vice President