Dear Friends,

AMWPA Eid Party/ Quarterly Meeting 2019 was held at Dr. Humera Chowdhary’s residence.

Dr. Sabeen Riaz (Treasurer AMWPA Executive Committee) welcomed all and was the moderator of the meeting .

Program started with Recitation from the Holy Quran by Dr. Rehana Kausar which emphasized the importance of each of us to volunteer in health care charitable activities to empower our community to stay Healthy.

Dr. Maria Viqar (AMWPA Vice President) presented a PowerPoint presentation on AMWPA Goals and Vision .She updated all regarding CPR programs provided by AMWPA Nurses and Nurse practitioners who are certified in providing families and friends CPR training. So far 276 have been trained in various masjids.
So far 11 defibrillators have been donated and training provided how to use them by cardiologists.
Latest defibrillator was donated to flower Mount Masjid. This was donated to AMWPA by Dr..Imrana Khalid.

Will be donating a defibrillator in July 14 at McKinney Masjid. This donation was made to AMWPA by Dr. Amina Iftikhar.

Dr. Sabeen gave Ramzan Food Dr.ive donation update. Total donation made to North Texas Food bank was $15,625 and Tarrant County $5,500. Thanks who all donated to this noble cause.

3 Awards were given to TMA Merit awards each for $ 1000.Total $3,000

10 stethoscopes were donated to first year medical students from TCOM, each $250.
Total donation $ 2500.

Dr.. Maria Viqar and Dr..Sabeen Riaz emphasized on memberships renewals for 2019 as this the only way we can accomplish our programs for community health and AMWPA merit awards.

Dr. Rehana Kausar talked about attending THR Meetings at THR Plano and THR Arlington as they are eager to help us in providing resources for community health. Members were really excited about attending the THR meetings
Dr. Hina Mahmud, Dr. Hina Rizvi volunteered their services for Plano Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Ayesha Bashir and Dr. Huda Arif volunteered for THR Arlington memorial Hospital.
Any Health care Professional or non-health is welcome to attend.

It was also suggested and recommended that we do a Blood Pressure Dr.ive at different area masjids after Friday prayers as seen at the health fairs that our community has pretty high incidence of undiagnosed high blood pressure. We can train high school senior student, College and medical students to volunteer with Nurse, Nurse practitioners or medical doctors supervising. Will be sending emails to all if they would like to participate.

Walk with a doc program provided by TMA in which only TMA members participate. This program provides talk to community members for 3-4 mins and then walking with them. Will send out emails to membership if they are interested in participation.

AMWPA Program surveys were also given to all guests.

Thanks to Dr. Humera for helping AMWPA host the event and graciously providing her house for these activities.
Thanks everyone for coming and supporting the organization. Together we can achieve a lot.

Dr. Maria Viqar, Vice President AMWPA Executive Committee
Dr. Sabeen Riaz, Treasurer AMWPA Executive Committee

Total Attendees: 52



Aasia Janjua, MD
Afser Tasneem, MD
Amna Iftikhar, MD
Asma Aftab, MD
Asma Ashraf, MD
Ayesha Bashir, MD
Farhana Amir, MD
Farhana Saeed,RN
Farhat Shaikh, MD
Faryal Ghaffar, MD
Fazila Siddiqi, MD
Fehmida Zahabi, MD
Ghazala Ahmed, MD
Hanan Fahmy, MD
Hina Mahmud, MD
Hina Rizvi, MD
Hodan Rabile, DDS
Huda Arif, MD
Humera Chowdhary, MD
Isra Awad, MD
Kanwal Haider, MD
Lubna Kamal, MD
Maria Viqar, MD
Mariam Saleem, MD
Naseem Jagani, MD
Naveen Haq, MD
Palwasha Khan, MD
Qamar Aslam, MD
Rehana Kausar, MD
Sabeen Riaz, MD
Sabina Amin, MD
Saima Zafar, MD
Saira Bhatti, MBBS
Sajeela Malik, MD
Sarwat Afghani, MBBS, NP
Shahbaz Aman, MBBS, M.Phil Path, MCPS (Clinical Path), DGO
Sobia Yaqub, MD
Sofia Vaqar, DDS
Talat Kheshgi, MD
Zarin Kidwai, MD
Zarmina Aman, MD

Allied Health:

Zehra Asif, RN
Sara Tabani, OT
Seema Qureshi, OT
Azadeh Tavakolian, RN
Noshi Wazir, Pharmacist

Med/ Pre Med/ Students:

Aseel Dweik, UTSouthwestern Med Student
Laila Abbas, UTSouthwestern Med Student
Ferzana Hossain, UTSouthwestern Med Student
Sara Rana, UTSouthwestern Med Student
Fatima Rahlouni, Tcom Med student
Hana Shaik, Pre Med