AMWPA Regional Meeting
September 22, 2019

AMWPA is very appreciative and grateful to Dr. Sanober Kable for Hosting this Chapter meeting at her beautiful house. It is a great gesture of generosity and kindness.

Host committee consisted of following members.
1. Dr. Sabeen Riaz
2. Dr. Sanober Kable
3. Dr. Seema Haq
4. Dr. Saima Kayani
5. Dr. Saima Muhammad
6. Dr. Zarin Kidwai

Meeting Agenda was as follows:
Moderator: Dr. Samreen Raza, Secretary EC AMWPA
1: Prayers by Dr. Rehana Kausar, President Board of Directors AMWPA.
2: Welcome by Dr. Sabeen Riaz, Treasurer AMWPA Executive Committee.
3: Dr. Seema Haq, President AMWPA Executive Committee Presented a Power point presentation on AMWPA’s Vision Mission and accomplishment since 2008.
So far 19 Defibrillator have been donated to all the major mosques in Metroplex and about 400 people trained by AMWPA instructors in families and Friends CPR Programs.
4: Membership Drive by Dr. Faryal Ghaffar Chairperson AMWPA Membership Committee who explained and emphasized the importance of the timely renewal of membership dues so we can accomplish the mission of AMWPA as we do not get any donation from anyone.
5: Dr. Lubna Kamal AMWPA Board Member and Chairperson IACC Plano Health fair requested for volunteers to participate in providing their services at the Health and Wellness Fair on Sat, Oct 19 from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. There was a great response by the doctors/dentists to participate.
6: Dr. Rehana Kausar suggested to have a Blood pressure screening drive in DFW metroplex mosques after jummah prayers so we can detect and prevent this silent deadly killer. We need Docs to supervise and have nurses, pre-med and Medical students to check blood pressures.
7: AMWPA Survey was provided to all present to see how they view AMWPA as an organization.
8: All Members and non members introduced themselves with their specialty

Suggestions made by members were as follows:
A. Mental health counseling to be started under the AMWPA umbrella. It was decided that all the psychiatrists in AMWPA should meet together first and then make some policy on how to go about this excellent program and everyone agreed.

B. Dr. Sanober Kable talked about Walk with a Doc program to engage people in talking about their health. This program is sponsored by TMA (Texas Medical Association)
She suggested that it is important that all the docs/dentists should become members and try to get involved in county medical and dental societies to improve the health of communities.

Hajjis were given special welcome and they were requested to cut the cake specially ordered by Dr. Sabeen Riaz for this special occasion.

Members enjoyed the social Hour and welcomed the Hajjis. They were happy to be part of AMWPA event and to meet new physicians in town and network with each other.

Dr. Amal Nour El-Din, Dr. Saman Aziz, Dr. Mehmooda Nasir and Dr. Shaheena Minhas. JZK

Thanks to all the guests who attended and made a joyable afternoon High Tea.

Dr. Sabeen Riaz, MD
Treasurer AMWPA

Total Attendees: 51

Guests List:

Aasma Khandekar, MD
Amal Nour El din, DDS
Amena Hussain, MD
Arshia Quadri, MD
Benish Hussain, MD
Dorette Noorhasan, MD
Fakhrudin A Mohamed, MD
Faryal Ghaffar, MD
Fazeela Qureshi, MBBS, MS
Fazila siddiqui, MD
Huma Naz, MD
Huma Shujat, MD
Iram Hamdard, MD
Kike Babata, MD
Lubna Kamal, MD
Masoomeh Ali, USMLE
Mehmooda Nasir, MD
Mehvesh Afrina, MD
Naseem Jagani, MD
Nosheen Gowani, MD
Nuzhat Ahmed, MD
Omaira Azizad, MD
Palwasha Khan, MD
Qurat Kamili, MD
Raheela Sadiq, MD
Rehana Kausar, MD
Saadia Farooq, MD
Sabeen Riaz, MD
Sadaf Sagheir, MD
Saima Kayani, MD
Saima Muhammad, MD
Saman Aziz, MD, MHPE, MPH
Samreen Raza, MD
Sanober Kable, MD
Sarah Siddiqui, MD
Sarosh Ahmed, MD
Seema Ghaffar, MD
Seema Haq, MD
Seema Haque, MD
Shaheena Minhas, MD
Shazia Umair, Research
Sobia Yaqub, MD
Sofia Vaqar, DDS
Sophia Rahman, MD
Sumbul Islam, MD
Urussa Jabbar, MD
Yetunde Ibrahim, MD
Zainab Mehkari, MBBS
Zartash Khan, MD

Med/ Pre Med/ Students:
Aseel Dweik, Med Student
Hana Shaikh, Pre Med Student