AMWPA Regional Meeting for Southlake, Irving, Arlington, Fort worth area was held on Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 at Dr. Seema Kazi’s Residence in Southlake.

Host committee consisted of following members.

1. Dr. Seema Kazi
2. Dr. Mariam Saleem
3. Dr. Aasia Janjua
4. Dr. Mariam Ahmad
5. Dr. Sabeen Riaz
6. Dr. Farhana Amir
7. Dr. Rehana Kausar
8. Dr. Sofia Ansari
9. Dr. Seema Haq

AMWPA is very appreciative and grateful to Dr. Seema Kazi for hosting this Chapter meeting at her beautiful house. It is a great gesture of generosity and kindness.

Meeting Agenda was as follows:
Moderator: Dr. Mariam Saleem, AMWPA Board Member
1: Prayers by Dr. Rehana Kausar, President Board of Directors AMWPA
2: Dr. Seema Kazi welcomed everyone.
3: Dr. Seema Haq, President AMWPA Executive Committee Presented a Power point presentation on AMWPA’s Vision Mission and accomplishment since 2008.
4: Membership Drive by Dr. Mariam Ahmad who emphasized the importance of the timely renewal of membership dues so we can accomplish the mission of AMWPA .Dr. Sabeen Riaz, Treasurer AMWPA Executive Committee emphasized on becoming a lifetime AMWPA member.
5: Dr. Aasia Janjua, Chairperson ICI Health fair Committee requested for volunteers to participate in providing their services at the Health and Wellness Fair on Saturday, Feb 29, 2020 from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM.
6: Dr. Tasneem Ahmed, Chairperson of AMWPA Merit Award Committee announced the AMWPA Merit award.

1 Medical Award $1000 was given to
Sameera Muqueet, Medical Student at UNTHSC -TCOM

1 Pre Medical Award $500 was given to
Naureen Wajahat, Pre Medical student at UT Dallas

1 Dr. Mohammad Khalid’s Allied Health Award $750 was given to
Farya Arshad, PA student at UNT

7: All Members and non members introduced themselves with their specialty

Dr. Rehana requested Dr. Tasneem Ahmed and Dr. Mariam Razi to cut the cake specially ordered by Dr. Rehana Kausar for this special occasion. Dr. Bushra Khalil who had performed Umrah could not attend the meeting as was on call.

Members enjoyed the social Hour. They were happy to be part of AMWPA event and to meet new physicians in town and network with each other.

Thanks to all the guests who attended and made a enjoyable afternoon High Tea.

Thanks to all the host committee members for organizing a very successful AMWPA Southlake, Irving, fort worth and Arlington area Chapter meeting and special thanks to Dr. Seema Kazi to provide her beautiful house to host this event. Cheers to the host committee Dr. Seema Kazi, Dr. Mariam Saleem, Dr. Aasia Janjua, Dr. Sofia Ansari, Dr. Mariam Ahmad, Dr. Rehana Kausar, Dr. Farhana Amir and Dr. Seema Haq.

Thanks to all who took the time to attend and network in promoting camaraderie and community health.

Total Attendees: 33 Attendees

AMWPA Merit Awardees:
Naureen Wajahat, Pre Med
Farya Arshad, PA Student
Sameera Muqueet, Student

Volunteer at Registration:
Amina Aslam, Pre Med