Asaalamoilikum Dear Volunteers,

I would like to thank all volunteers physicians, dentist, allied health, students and all others on behalf of AMWPA for a very successful health fair. It was heartwarming to see young volunteers helping, learning and doing their best to help the community.

With the help of all of you we were able to do see 168 patients some with undiagnosed or poorly controlled blood pressure, and diabetes. Three of the dietitians used all their dedication to see patients and provide them with education and counseling for weight control and eating healthy meals.

Your service with seeing patients, lab testing, giving out mammogram vouchers, eye exams, dental exams, osteoporosis screening, flu shots and much more was outstanding.

Additionally Mayor of Richardson; Paul Voelker and two city of Richardson council members, Bob Dubey and Ken Hutchenrider were gracious in taking time in attending the Health Fair and encouraging us.

We are looking forward to more successful health fairs at IANT in future with their collaboration and will continue to spread our vision of preventive health care for the community.

We thank IANT President Shumsul Arefien and IANT administration to go out of their way in helping in organizing and promoting this health fair. We also are grateful to IANT for providing free lunch to all volunteers.

Following are the number of patients seen and screening provided to.

Aasia Janjua, MD
IANT Health Fair Chairperson


Total Registration: 218
Adults: 168
Children: 50

Lipid Screening: 124
Vision Screening: 80 patients examined, Glasses given to patients: 85
Dental Screening: 83, 140 Tooth brushes and Tooth pastes given to Adults and Children
Bone Density Screening: 25, Counseling to 10 patients
Nutrition Counseling: 56
Mental Health/ Depression: 30
Mammograms: Total Patients seen, 16, Vouchers given to 13 patients
Helmets given to children: 50
Flu Shots given to 32

Total Volunteers:

Doctors/ Dentist: 26
Allied Health Professionals: 12
Volunteer students: 50
Other Volunteers: 10