I would like to thank all volunteers for their support of ICI Health Fair on March 2nd, 2019. I would also like to thank the management of ICI masjid for their cooperation. Unfortunately State Representative Terry Meza was held back in Austin due to some legislative reasons however District Director Soraya Ronco – Santoyo attended the health fair on her behalf. Additionally Irving city councilman Allan Meagher also attended the Health Fair. We were able to provide preventative care to a total of 114 patients. I am very thankful to all the volunteers, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical students and Pre-med students without whose help these community health fair would not be possible. Following are the number of patients seen.

Faryal Ghaffar MD
ICI Health Fair Chairperson

Total Registration: 114
Adults: 104
Children: 10
Lipid Screening 101
Vision Screening: 54 patients examined, Glasses given to 50 patients
Dental: 35
Tooth brushes and Tooth pastes given to patients.
Bone Health Education: 14
Nutrition Counseling: 37
Mental Health/ Depression: 9
Mammograms: Total 20 Patients seen,
Helmets given to children 24

Afsar Tasneem, MD
Annie Jaffry, MD
Arjumand Ghayas, MD
Ayesha Ebrahim, MD
Faryal Ghaffar, MD
Faryal Murtaza, USMLE
Hina Khan, DDS
Humaira Azeem, DDS
Imrana Khalid, MD
Kanwal Haider, MD
Mariam Razi, MD
Nadia Imran, MBBS
Nasiha Ahmed, MD
Rehana Kausar, MD
Sabeen Riaz, MD
Seema Haq, MD
Shahan Chowdhury, MD
Sofia Ansari, MD
Sofia Vaqar, DDS
Umara Usman, MD
Hanan Fahmy, MD
Zafreen Siddiqui, MD

Azadeh Tavakolian, RN, BSN
Nusrat Wajid, RN
Amena Hassan, RN, NP
Noor Nachawati, Optometrist
Ossama Nachawati, Optometrist
Frances Leung, Mammogram
Amber Khan, Mammogram
Suraiya Hyder, Mammogram
Dahlia Ferlina, RN
Helah Hassan, NP
Melinda Vega, RN
Halah Nachawati, NP
Uzma Khan, Nutritionist

Paid RD:
Emina Gibic, RD
Michelle Pollock, RD
Jayne Wiggins, RD

Med / Dental Students:
Fatima Rahlouni, Med student
Sana Qureshi, Med student
Yasir Ayubi, Med Student
Fatima Khan, Med Student
Madeeha Javed, Med Student
Hamza Malik, Med Student
Fatima Charara, Med Student
Ifrah Farooq, Med Student
Deena Habazi, Med Student
Sofia Kahamali, Med student
Owais Syed, Med student
Muiz Munir, Med student

Pre Med/ Students:
Rabab isa, Pre Med
Muhammad Muhanna, Pre Med
Nageen Irfan, Pre Med
Nadine Noubani, Pre Med
Jason Davidson, Pre Med
Karina Fuentes, Pre Med
Noah Lawrence, Pre Med
Niha Irfan, Pre Med
Kiree Gove, Pre Med
Pratima Gangupantula, Pre Med
Fatima Itani, Pre Med
Fida Riyas, Pre Med
Juhi Lalwani, Pre Med
Aaly Hussain Pre Med
Rayan Harmouch, Pre Med
Nora Harmouch, Pre Med
Eric Ramirez, Pre Med
Afra Fathima, Pre Med
Mathi Siva, Pre Med
Sarosh Din, Pre Med
Khawla Aldamari,Pre Med
Dana Khhattab, Pre Med
Naureen Wajahat, Pre Med
Mahnoor Shahzad, Pre Dental
Haadian Kuniyil, Pre Med
Samad Alam, Pre Med
Kiran Mianoor, PA student
Muhammad Thayyil, High /school
Hanaa Thayyil, High School
Tala Samour, Health care student
Khadija Al Haik, High School
Khizraa Alam, Bio Med
Saeeda Alam, bio Med
Naziya Ahmed, High School

Parvin Choudhury
Rafiza Chowdhury
Bilquis Fatima
Nadia Rayan
Komal Sawani
Sarah Albataineh
Maryam Albataineh