On Saturday November 6, 2010 AMWPA, in collaboration with Irving Masjid and Harris Methodist Fort Worth Community Out-reach program, held a multi-specialty health fair where various free services were provided, including:

  • Screening for cholesterol and triglycerides was performed on 107 patients.
  • Blood pressure and weight screening was performed on107 patients
  • Diabetes screening was performed on 107 patients
  • Osteoporosis screening was done on 22 patients.
  • Flu shots given to 44 patients.
  • Vision screening on 77 patients by Department of Opthalmology, UTSouthwestern Medical center Dallas, TX.
  • Dental Examination, Oral cancer screening, dental sealants for ages 7-16 and fluoride varnish provide by Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas Texas.
  • Lunch was provided by Islamic Center of Irving.

We had great support from our volunteers, we thank them and hope they wil continue to support our future events too. Following are their names:

1: Iman Ali, MD                      
2: Zafreen Siddiqui, MD       
3: Imrana Khalid, MD           
4: Afia Umber, MD                 
5: Khalida Yasmin, MD          
6: Rabia Khan, MD                 
7: Adila Siddiqi, DO                
8: Rommana Aziz, MD  
9: Zaiba Jetpuri DO, Family Practice Resident 
10: Rehana Kausar, MD
11: Seema Haq, MD
12: Shahbaz Aman, MD
13: Sabin Mazhar
14: Mohammad Khalid, MD
15: Iyad Rashdan, MD      
16: Amir Shakil, MD
17: Ashfaq Ahmed, MD
18: Rizwan Ahmed, medical student
19: Stephen.L.Crane, D.D.S
20: Sohail Khan, MD Fellow in Ophthalmology
21: Ahmed Siddiqi, Dental student
22: Amena Jameeluddin, Dental student
23: Ameena Tekbali, Dental student
24: Naveen Karim, Detal student
25: Sarah Berriche, Dental Student
26: Yasmin Awad, Dental Student.
27: Christina Sims, Dental Student
28: Nyla Karim, RN
29: Ameena Hassan RN
30: Sajida Salim RN
31: Naseem Illyas, Nurse Practioner.
32: Ahmed Mohamed
33: Atheeq Syed.
34: Nasreen Pida.
35: Syed Latheef
36: Sharifa Eid
37: LaRhonda Bradley
38: Bilquis Fatima
39: Sana Khalid
40: Tanya Asrar
41: Lena Asrar
42: Rukhsana Asrar
43: Valentina Verminskaya
44: Samia Haider
45: Kalim Syed