• Dr Saadia Farooq, Secretary AMWPA Executive Committee, was the moderator of Program and welcomed all guests and introduced the speakers
  • Prayers were recited by Dr Rehana Kausar, AMWPA Board Member.
  • Dr Seema Haq, President EC, gave a PowerPoint presentation on AMWPA efforts during Covid-19 from 2020- 2021. Dr Haq updated
  1. AMWPA has donated to North Texas and Tarrant County Food Banks to support the “Feed the Hungry Program” roughly $29,000 this Ramadan.
  2. Distributed surgical and N95 masks (50,000 masks approx) throughout the Dallas Fort worth metroplex.
  3. Launched AMWPA Youth Mask Drive by involving youth and AMWPA Mentorship Program.
  4. AMWPA issued 2 Newsletters this year describing all activities in detail and updating members.
  5. Gifted 250 AMWPA Pink and Black Hats to Members and Volunteers.
  6. Appreciated Frontline Health care professionals by providing around 1,110 meals.
  7. Appreciating Children Hospital’s ICU and ER Health workers by sending dry snack items.
  8. 17 Virtual Education Lectures by our physician members. Virtual CPR classes given with great community attendance.
  9. Total of 1540 Pfizer COVID -19 vaccines given in 2021.
  10. Launched its YOUTUBE channel amwpa.org , where you can find all the educational lectures given by AMWPA health professionals and physicians on Zoom.
  11. Provided 490 Free drive through Flu shots in collaboration with THR (Texas Health Resources). More Drive -through flu vaccines planned in October 2021.
  12. 3 merit awards ($1000 each) given through TMA (Texas Medical Association).
  13. Currently accepting applications for AMWPA 2021 Merit awards for Medical, Dental and Allied health students.
  14. Donated 5 stethoscopes to TCOM- Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth.

Dr Haq thanked all the volunteers who helped in AMWPA Mask drive, AMWPA Covid-19 Vaccine drive, AMWPA Zoom Programs AMWPA flu shots drive and talked about AMWPA future Programs for year 2021.

  • Dr Lubna Kamal, praised all the Women in medicine for their efforts and hard work and for being successful in whatever they do. Dr Kamal praised Dr Amal Nour El Din for becoming the Head of Texas A&M College of Dentistry and Dr Sadia Ali for becoming Head of the Endocrinologist Department.
  • Manal Ahmed, member of AMWPA Mentoring Program gave a brief overview of the mentoring program. Manal updated 30 plus Mentors and 15 Pre-Med students have signed up for the mentoring program. Mentees will be assigned to their designated mentors for mentoring and coaching needs. In future we expect to add more students from various fields. Manal requested members to sign up to help students and invest some time for future generations.
  • Dr Saadia Farooq gave an overview of AMWPA New chapter for the Youth. It’s a new Chapter to involve our young generation involving kids of our members; boys and girls aged 12-15 yrs and get them involved with AMWPA currents programs and ongoing services.
    Dr Farooq updated youth members have already packed and distributed 1000 masks. Packed around 1100 food bars for ER and ICU units at children Hospitals. Future Programs include a youth newsletter. Canned food drives are coming up in October.
  • Dr Sabeen Riaz , AMWPA Vice President Executive committee updated all on the Membership drive and requested all to renew their memberships for the year 2021.
  • Dr Amal talked about the road to success on becoming the Head of Texas A&M college of Dentistry. Dr Sadia Ali mentioned her focused and goal oriented personality of hers helped her in becoming the chief of the Endocrinologist department. Dr Amal and Dr Sadia Ali thanked Allah for the great blessings and help from family for being supportive.
  • Introduction of guests
  • Lucky Draw was conducted by Dr Riaz. Names of 3 Lucky winners who will receive $50 gift card each included
    • Manal Ahmed, Medical student
    • Kanwal Kamal, MBBS
    • Zohra Khan, MD

Total Attendees: 23


Amal Nour El Din, DDS
Aasia Ghazi, MD
Ameena Hassan, RN, NP
Farida Yousuf Ali, MD
Kanwal Kamal, MBBS
Humera Chowdhary, MD
Imrana Khalid, MD
Mariam Saleem, MD
Naseem Khan, MD
Rehana Kausar, MD
Lubna Kamal, MD
Sabeen Riaz, MD
Sofia Vaqar, DDS
Sadia Ali, MD
Saadia Farooq, MD
Sadaf Saghier, MD
Seema Haq, MD
Zohra Khan, MD
Zarin Kidwai, MD


Fatima Khan, Med student
Rusha Alzghoul, Pre Med Student
Manal Ahmed, Med Student