• Dr Husna Iqbal, Treasurer EC, was the moderator of Program and welcomed all guests and introduced the speakers
  • Prayers were recited by Dr Rehana Kausar
  • Dr Seema Haq, President EC, gave a PowerPoint presentation on AMWPA efforts during Covid-19 era in 2020- 2021. Thanked all the volunteers who helped in AMWPA Mask drive, AMWPA Zoom Programs and AMWPA flu shots drive.
  • AMWPA Merit Awards were announced by Dr Tasneem Ahmed, Chairperson AMWPA Award Committee and Dr Saima Kayani, Co-chair Award committee. 6 students were present to collect their awards. Rest of the awardees were not able to collect the award at this time. The remaining awards will be given out at the upcoming Mentoring group meeting.

4 Medical Awards $1000 each were given to

  1. Bisma Baloch, 2nd year Med Student UTMB, Galveston, Texas.
  2. Sereena Jivraj, 2nd year Med Student UNTHSC/Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dallas, Texas.
  3. Sidra Deen, 2nd Year Med student at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
  4. Safiyyah Zaidi, 2nd Year Med student at Dell Medical school, Austin Texas.

3 Pre Med Awards $500 each were given to:

  1. Nabeeha Qazi, Pre Med student at UT Dallas, Texas.
  2. Aleema Haq, Pre Med student at UT Arlington, Texas.
  3. Rusha Alzghoul, Pre Med student at UT Dallas, Texas.

2 Dental Award for $1000 was given to

  1. Aleena Jamal, 1st year Dental Student, Texas A&M College of Dentistry, Dallas Texas.
  2. Clarissa Mendiola Gonzalez, 1st year Dental Student,Texas A&M College of Dentistry, Dallas Texas.

2 Mohammad Khalid’s Memorial Award $750 each were given to

  1. Crystal Moldir Yestemessova, Biology Senior student at Texas Tech University, Texas.
  2. Jenan Mahmoud, 3rd Year Pharmacy student at Texas Tech University, Texas.

2 Special Awards $250 each for community service were given to

  1. Manal Ahmed, 3rd Year Medical student at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas
  2. Amolika Saini, Pre Med Student at UTD, Dallas, Texas
  • Rehana Kausar, Board Member AMWPA talked about the AMWPA Mentoring group . explained the mentee and Mentor group process. Dr Sadaf Khan, Chairperson of Mentoring group and Manal Ahmed, Med Student and Co- Chair of the Mentoring group were not present at the meeting.

    The Chair and Co chair are assigning the mentees to the Mentors and follow up on the process. Dr Rehana requested all the doctors to step forward and volunteer to mentor the Pre Med and Dental students who are in need of life skills teachings and other coaching. Interested Mentors can contact the Ec members or email AMWPA.

  • Dr Mariam Saleem , Board Member AMWPA updated all on the Membership drive and requested all to renew their memberships for year 2021- 2022
  • Dr Sanober Kable , Board Member AMWPA gave a brief intro on Covid-19 variants and requested all to spread the message of getting Booster shots.
  • Introduction of guests

Total Attendees: 34

Amal Nour El Din, DDS
Anum Mubasher, Non Practicing
Fatima Malik, Non Practicing
Farah Shah,MD
Farhana Amir, MD
Fauzia Naqvi,MD
Husna Iqbal, MD
Humera Chowdhary, MD
Khalida Yasmin, MD
Mariam Saleem, MD
Naja Chisty, MD
Nazia Haque, DDS
Naseem Jagani, MD
Rehana Kausar, MD
Reda Khan, Associate
Raheela Ashfaq, MD
Sajeela Malik, MD
Saima Kayani, MD
Samreen Raza, MD
Seema Haq, MD
Sanober Kable, MD
Sofia Vaqar, DDS
Sobia Yaqub, MD
Tasneem Ahmed, DO
Zohra Khan, MD

Allied Health/ Associates:

Zainab Naveed, RN


Aleena Jamal, Dental Student
Clarissa Mendiola, Dental Student
Bisma Baloch, Med Student
Fatima Rahlouni, Med Student
Rusha Alzghoul, Pre Med
Aleema Haq, Pre Med
Amolika Saini, Pre Med