Report on  Madina Masjid Carrollton Health fair June 23, 2012

Health Fair Committee:

Dr. Lubna Kamal  Chair

Dr. Saba Razi-Syed Co-Chair

Dr. Husna Iqbal

Dr. Farhana Amir.

Iqbal Hassan

Cassandra Howard,R.N.


80 patients registered for Lipid Screening, Glucose, Cholesterol, LDL, HDL and Triglyceride

21 Mammography vouchers were given by Asian Breast Outreach Project

36 patients were screened for Osteoporosis

38 patients had dental screening done by Baylor School of Dentistry

15 patients were seen by Chiropractors

10 – 15 patients were seen for stress management and counseling

25- 30 patients were given Nutritional counseling